Where to start?

People often wonder where they should start when researching their genealogy.  While I would NOT suggest starting with a DNA test.  That is $100 that could be spent finding documents that prove who your ancestors are.  A DNA test only tells you what nationalities you are made up of.  A DNA test is a great addition to actual research and documentation.  The DNA test is … Continue reading Where to start?

Learning to become a better blogger

I recently signed up for several blogging classes through WordPress.  I am hoping to become a better, more consistent blogger.  I want to blog basically because I like to write.  I like to write about anything, everything & nothing.  I really like history, genealogy and sharing it with people.  I like bringing history into the present.  If my blog were to exceed my wildest dreams … Continue reading Learning to become a better blogger


A weekend of not internet has left me needing to catch up.  I am back and more to come!!  But no internet was nice because it got my kids to spend a little more time with me and doing things that did not involve a screen.  I am really enjoyed it.  I think we may have to have an internet free weekend once a month. Continue reading Back

Blogging 101 Day 2 assignment (reposted)

******I had to repost because I some how accidently made this a page instead of a post.  OOoops  LOL****** Our Day 2 assignment was to update our title and tag line. My new title is  Digging Up Family Roots My new tag line is Putting Your Past in Your Present I hope Everyone enjoys it. On Sale this week at Perfectly Posh.  How fun! https://www.perfectlyposh.com/reyna/start?pref=15757Continue reading Blogging 101 Day 2 assignment (reposted)

A Genealogy Type of Sunday Afternoon

So I woke up really early this morning (before 6 am) with genealogy on my mind.  Seriously.  I know weird right? Well I have a lot of started genealogy social media thing going on.  I was trying to decided how to much them or something.  Bring them together some how.  I have 3 genealogy blogs, a Pintrest, Instagram, & Twitter account, and 3 genealogy websites … Continue reading A Genealogy Type of Sunday Afternoon