Why not research your past?

Genealogy is the study and tracing of ones lines of ancestry or decent.  Simple put researching what makes up you and your family.  Learning about your parents, grandparents and so on backwards.

While doing this sometimes requires travel, thanks to computers, internet and webpages we have to travel a lot less.  Many documents are now at your finger tips or by the click of a mouse.  There are free and paid options to do your research online.  Some sites offer more records than others.  Usually the paid sites have access to more records, as well as have the ability to digitize more records.  There are good free sites as well. 

There are also people who will help you do the research for a fee.  They often do all the work for you and then present you with the findings.  That is something I do.  But I also like to have the individual involved so that they can learn and share in the experience.      

So what is keeping you from researching your family history??  How can I help you get you started?



5 thoughts on “Why not research your past?

  1. That is something I can do. I am working on a book/journal where the person who purchases it would do a task a day for a year. To help them explore their family history a little at a time and document their journey along the way.

  2. Genealogy is wonderful, you can learn all sorts of things about yourself by looking into your past. I’d like to add that when searching my genealogy, I found that the Latter-Day Saints have an extensive genealogical database to which they allow members and non-members alike access. I believe they have a website called Family Search, but also Family History Centers located in certain churches where you can visit to search their database or order microfilm to search. It’s supposedly the largest genealogical database in the world.

    1. I have used the LDS for research for a long time. And have loved it for a long time. And it is a great free resource. That being said, yes they have a large collection of genealogies that other members and non members have submitted. Remember that a key thing is to document your sources. And we all make mistakes (yep that includes me). Also I have found recently that a lot of their records (census, birth, death & so on) are now linked to Ancestry.com which is a paid site and unless you have a subscription to Ancestry you will not be able to see the record.

      That being said FamilySearch.org is an excellent FREE resource for for doing genealogy. 😀

      1. I would for someone to help me research my past. Not only me but my family as well. I’ve wanted to have someone to guide on that journey of researching and digging up roots from my past generation.

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