Extended Family

So one of my awesome followers brought up a very good subject in the comments of yesterdays post.  I am very thankful for that comment because it reminded me of something I do instinctively and that is include my step family in my genealogy research.  My parents have been split since I was 5 so I have had a step family for a really long time (35 years or so).  But another important piece is adopted family. 

While the actual study of ancestry is a blood line thing, who can really deny that blood isn’t the only thing who makes us who we are.  How we are raised and who raised us makes us who we are.  We know that.  The blood just tells us what lines in our past make us up.

So here is a 5 generation chart, also known as a pedigree chart, for adoptive/step families.

Cherish all the people in your life who have helped you become who you are 😀



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