Learning to become a better blogger

I recently signed up for several blogging classes through WordPress.  I am hoping to become a better, more consistent blogger. 

I want to blog basically because I like to write.  I like to write about anything, everything & nothing.  I really like history, genealogy and sharing it with people.  I like bringing history into the present.  If my blog were to exceed my wildest dreams it would be a blog full of interactive people who like to ask and answer questions and learn from one another.

My Three Main Goals over the next 30 days are………………….

  1. To have at least 100 followers.

  2. To have at least 5 interactive followers.

  3. to post at least once a week.

I will update my goals every 30 days.

Why do I write????  I write because I like write.  I just like to sit down with pen, pencil & paper.  I do prefer to write long hand over typing.  There is just a flow, like it is just coming out of me.  I love history, genealogy and sharing it with the present.  I love researching family history.  I like putting together historical facts with present people.  I feel that when people can tie themselves to something historical they may find history more interesting.  We are taught or trained that history is just that and we are not a part of it.  It’s just something you learn in school or in books.  We often feel like “so that happened,” or blah blah blah.  But we are all a part of history.  Every fleeting moment is history.  We  are making history every moment of every day.  It may not make history books but it will make your family books.  It’s yours and your family’s history.  So connect because connecting is important.


2 thoughts on “Learning to become a better blogger

  1. Have fun with your classes. I agree that some history is fun, I’m especially interested in the use of tools that today are “crafts” but that used to be part of providing necessary items for everyday living, and the knowledge that people had to make things “from scratch”

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