Only People from New York STATE Understand

I live in New York State!! New York is a STATE!! Not just a city. When someone asks you where you are from and you say Illinois, they know you mean the state. “Where are you from?” “I am from Florida, Maryland, or any other state in this country.” Everyone knows you mean that state, but unfortunately not when you live in New York State. “I am from New York.” “oh New York City? Do you like it there?” No, No, No, I live somewhere in the rest of the state. Ugh!!! I know I am not the only one that feels that way. Honestly this is a common conclusion. Those of us that live in the rest of the state are actually pretty used to it. Imagine my surprise when I went to google and wanted to pull up a map of New York State, the entire state. I type in New York and this is what I get……..


An arrow dropped right smack on NYC. Seriously Google!!!! Not you too. There is more to New York than just the city.

The state of New York is over 54,000 square miles and has an estimated 19 million people. That is the entire state. NYC is 304 square miles (this does not include Long Island) and has approximately 8 million people. (according to the U.S. Census Burea)

There is a lot more to this state than city life. There is a lot of history in this state. Everyone should take some time and learn about the state. We should take the time to learn about every state. And this is why I was trying to pull up a map of New York in the first place. I decided I wanted to do a State Park challenge for my family and share it with you. Maybe even challenge you to take the challenge. But more to come on that in another post.


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